Nowadays it is reasonable and common for many high-level professionals to own more than one passport. This often assists them with their international travel requirements across different continents regarding the duration of entry visas etc. However, coming to Taiwan to live and work, it is often difficult to determine which passport and nationality is best for them to use when applying for their Work Permits and Visas.

Mr. K had been working for a MNC (Multinational Company) for a long time, and was transferred to work in their Taiwan branch. He was faced with the problem of deciding which passport was best for him to use when applying for the required Taiwan Work Permit and which would be best for his international travel requirements.

After several detailed and private discussions with Mr. K regarding the above issues EZ Permit provided him with their professional guidance to choose the best course of action to be taken, taking into consideration all of his lifestyle requirements and needs to travel for work, without compromising his personal preferences.

Today, it is quite reasonable and common for senior professionals to hold more than one passport. This usually helps them to meet their needs regarding the duration of entry visas when travelling internationally across different continents. But when they come to live and work in Taiwan, in order to be able to live in Taiwan, which passport and nationality are they most suitable for?

In Mr. K's case, he had been serving a multinational company for a long time, but he was transferred to a Taiwan branch. He was faced with decisions such as which passport was most applicable to him when applying for a work permit in Taiwan, and which passport was most helpful to him when entering or leaving the country when traveling internationally.

After many detailed private discussions with Mr. K on the above issues, Taiwan EasySign does not affect his personal preferences, considering his work needs to travel around the world and all his lifestyle needs for him. Provides the most simplified and professional guidance that best meets his residency expectations.