1. Each of our clients has their own professional EZ consultant as a single window point of contact making the EZ process simple to follow.


2. We employ experts qualified to ESS license standards in order to deliver your case in a manner that leads to the fast and effective acceptance and approval of your application.


3. We have access to experienced Legal, Financial and Taxation consulting services if required. They can assist in the processing of your application and to eliminate any difficulties.


4. We provide "real-time after-sales services" to ensure that your employer avoids the possibility of contravening or not being in compliance with Taiwan regulations. EZ PERMIT consultants care for our clients by helping them avoid being involved in NIA's blacklists.




EZ PERMIT team members, in addition to their extensive experience in dealing with Immigration and WDA applications also have access to Legal, Financial and Taxation consultants. Also their team members include professional consulting services with a wealth of knowledge in aviation engineering, interior design, architecture, IT, and Talent/Manpower Recruitment.


We Help Corporate Clients & Individuals 


We provide professional consulting services on Employment Gold Card, Plum Blossom Card, APRC, Dependent ARC/Foreign Spouse’s Part-time Work Permit, Freelance Artist’s Work Permit, Class A/Class B Work Permit, Foreign Chef’s Work Permit, Entrepreneur Visa, Foreign Student Intern's Work Permit, PRC Business Entry Permit, those whose work permit application been rejected or even cannot find an employer in Taiwan etc.


















1. 毎個客戶都擁有専門顧問協助,窗口單一,程序不重複。

2. 我們聘用具有ESS執照之顧問代辦送件,快速取得工作證。

3. 經驗豐富之法律、財税顧問團隊諮詢服務,永遠有靠山。

4. 售後服務最誠心,所有您的相關證件到期皆能獲得即時提醒,以免企業受罰、外國人被列入禁止入台黑名單。




EZ PERMIT團隊成員,除了在處理移民和工作證申請方面擁有豐富經驗外,您還可以與我們的法律、財務和稅務顧問聯繫。 我們團隊成員還包括專業諮詢服務,在航空工程、室內設計、建築、IT及人才/人力招聘方面均擁有豐富的專業知識和實務經驗。




服務項目:就業金卡、梅花卡、永久居留證、外國配偶兼職工作許可、自由藝術家工作許可、A類/ B類工作許可、外籍廚師工作許可、在台畢業僑外生評點制等專業諮詢服務及一站式代辦服務 ,創業家簽證、外國實習學生工作許可、大陸商務人士跨國企業內部調動類入台證、大陸人士商務履約類短期入台證、工作許可申請被拒絕案例、在台灣找不到雇主聘僱的外籍人士等。