Our German client, A head of Business Analytics from one of famous German MNCs, who just left from a successful VC project in Taiwan with outstanding records finally decides to start up his own business here in Taiwan. 

According to his background, he may apply for an entrepreneur visa to stay for 1 year during his company set-up in Taiwan while Taiwan government has recently released a 4-in-1 residence card, called “ Employment Gold Card” which would be one of his solutions to staying in Taiwan legally without asking for a Taiwanese employer’s help on his application nor worrying about his capital to kick off and he may start working legally for any employers in Taiwan.


“ Employment Gold Card allows me to stay in Taiwan legally in an efficient way” ~ according to this German expert’s feedbacks

根據他的背景,他能選擇在台灣成立公司前以創業家簽證合法居留台灣1年,但因台灣政府於2018年發布了一項稱為“就業金卡”的4合1居留證居留方案。 這方案足以讓他不用擔心要找台灣雇主替他申請工作證或擔心籌足自己公司資本額的創業前期壓力下,他得以安心的以金卡身份在台接受各種規模公司的合法聘僱並長期居住在台灣。